Maldonado, Salvadore o Glynne, Andy

“Ali’s Story – A Journey from Afghanistan” av Andy Glynne och Salvadore Maldonado (inbunden, 2014)


“This is the real-life story of 10-year-old refugee Ali who, accompanied by his grandmother, flees his home country of Afghanistan to avoid the conflict caused by the war. Told in Ali’s own words, it documents his feelings of alienation, serparation and suffering that war can place on immigrant children and their families, and the thread of hope that can help them to overcome their ordeal. The Seeking Refuge stories were originally produced as award-winning animations for BBC Learning by Mosaic Films. This story was created by Salvadore Maldonado and Andy Glynne. These stories deal with the topics of war, separation, immigration and what it means to be a refugee. Ali’s Story – A Journey from Afghanistan can be used to open up discussions for any age range about seeking asylum.”Förlagsinformation

Inbunden (hardback)
Språk: Engelska
Läsålder: 9-12 år
Antal sidor: 32
Utg.datum: 2014-11-27
Förlag: Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Illustratör: Salvador Maldonado
ISBN: 9780750278874