Glynne, Andy

“Hamid’s Story – A Journey from Eritrea” av Andy Glynne (inbunden, 2014)


“This picture book tells the story of 10-year-old refugee Hamid who flees Eritrea with his mother to escape the war and threats to his family from the government. Told in Hamid’s own words, the story reveals the hardship and suffering experienced by immigrants who are rebuilding their lives with little understanding of the language and culture in a new country. Life starts to get easier, but the horrors of the war are never far from Hamid’s thoughts. The BAFTA award-winning Seeking Refuge stories were originally produced as animations for the BBC. These powerful and evocative stories have now been captured in book form as rich, visual testimonies of the torment, hope and resolution of young refugees who are seeking asylum and adjusting to life in new countries all over the world.” Förlagsinformation

Språk: Engelska
Läsålder: 6-9 år
Antal sidor: 32
Utg.datum: 2014-12-11
Förlag: Wayland
Illustratör: Tom Senior
ISBN: 9780750278904